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Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures For Moms

There are a lot of changes a mother’s body faces while childbearing and after the delivery. In fact, many hormonal and weight imbalances result in many changes in the shape and structure of a woman’s body.
Even after returning to the normal routine or maintaining a healthy diet and workout routine, you may not return to your previous shape. For that reason, a professional cosmetic surgeon suggests some procedures which will allow the mothers to enjoy their pre-pregnancy shape and attractiveness.
Actually, these combinations of different procedures come under a popular term known as a mommy makeover. In addition to this, mommy makeover in Karachi, Pakistan includes every cosmetic surgery that counters the physical issues faced by women post-pregnancy and after breastfeeding.
The main reason for its popularity is that it includes cosmetic procedures personalized for every individual according to their needs and desired outcomes. Let’s delve deeper:


The Components Of A Mommy Makeover:


The most affected areas of a woman’s body post-delivery are her abdomen or breasts. So, mommy makeover surgeries focus on restoring the shape of these areas.
To bear a child, the abdomen muscles and tissues stretch a lot. These muscles do not bounce back to their pre-baby strength even after the weight loss. Similarly, breasts increases in size while breastfeeding. When breasts reduce in size after some time, the skin might become saggy.
That’s why cosmetic surgeons prefer to start treating these areas in mommy makeover and then add on other procedures according to the requirements of the patient. A professional surgeon will appropriately hide every scar caused by the surgical procedure so it does not cause any discomfort to the patient.


Personalized Mommy Makeover IN Karachi:


Undergoing mommy makeover is the ideal method to get your pre-pregnancy body back. Preferred mommy makeover procedures may include:

• Body lift
• Tummy Tuck
• Breast Reduction
• Breast Lift
• Breast Augmentation
• Liposuction


Let’s get to know more about them here;

Body Lift:

A body lift removes excessive fat and skin to improve the shape of supporting tissues of the body. It makes the skin look firmer by removing the irregular or dimpled surface from the skin.
Moreover, it targets the skin and fat in

• Abdominal area
• Buttocks
• Inner, outer, or posterior thigh or the circumference of the thigh.

It counters the sagginess and lack of elasticity in these areas caused by weight fluctuations, aging or pregnancy. Even though stretch marks are irreversible, still some of the lifts can reduce their existence.
A thigh lift can target the stretch marks on the upper legs and buttocks while arm lift helps in reducing the stretch marks under the arm.


Tummy Tuck:


Many women are consistent with exercise and diet to achieve a well-toned stomach however, they might not be getting the result that easily.
Tummy tuck corrects the abdominal profile by removing excess fat and loose skin from this area. Adding more to this, a tummy tuck addresses the stretch marks on stomach and hips. Moreover, this process is likely to repair the damaged and weakened muscles in the abdominal area.


Breast Reduction:


Abnormally large size of breasts may cause many physical or psychological problems. Women might feel emotional distress or physical illness including back pain due to the increase in size and weight of the breasts.
Breast reduction surgery proves to be a solution to this problem. In fact, breast reduction or mammoplasty is the removal of fat, glandular tissues or skin in the breast area to achieve a more appropriate size of the breast that goes with the patient’s body.


Breast Lift:


Women lose the shape of their breasts overtime due to multiple reasons giving her an old appearance. Nevertheless, a breast lift can enhance the women’s youthful appearance by improving and reshaping the


breast profile.


Breast lift or mastopexy contours and reshapes the breast by removing the extra skin and tightening the tissues surrounding the breasts. Sometimes the area around the nipple known as areola also increases in size. Breast lift can also reduce the size of areola.


Breast Augmentation:


A woman might have disproportionate sizes of the breats after pregnancy weight loss. This is where breast augmentation comes into play which increases the size of the breasts by fat transfer or breast implants.
This procedure is also known as fat transfer breast augmentation. In this cosmetic surgery procedure, fat from another part of the body aids in restoring the volume of the breast and improves the natural symmetry of breasts.

If there is any injury or excision of breast tissues then surgeon might use breast implants to redefine the shape of the breasts.

Following are the benefits achieved from breast augmentation:

• It increases the fullness of the breasts giving them rounder appearance.
• Balances the contours of breast and hip tissues.
• Enhances your body image and self-confidence.




Liposuction is a popular technique to remove fat deposits from several areas of body to get a slimmer appearance. It contours the shape of the body and improves its proportions of different parts.
Cosmetic surgeons usually apply Liposuction alongwith a combination of other cosmetic procedures to get an appealing result.
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