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5 Tips To Get The Best Tummy Tuck Results And Why Is It Important To Follow The Doctor’s Instructions?

Tummy tuck or also known as abdominoplasty aims to remove that stubborn excess fat around the abdomen area. This gives a flat look to your stomach. It is a much sought out procedure by every age group.

Like if you want to go for a tummy tuck to get a mommy makeover or to deal with obesity or even old age. This is an excellent option for you.

Notably, to get the best results out of any procedure, you will need to trust a reliable and credible surgeon for the job. That’s why we highly recommend Dr. Arif Hussain, as he is more than well-equipped in handling a number of procedures that include Tummy Tuck as well.

It is also one of his most sought out procedures and many of his patients have given very positive feedback.

No matter which procedure you want, in the end, every process needs accuracy and precision to guarantee its success which depends upon the experience of the surgeon.

Every individual plays a vital role in the outcome of any procedure. Your mind, body, and environment all contribute in different ways.  We have compiled 5 tips so that can get you the best results out of your tummy tuck.

Tips To Get The Best Tummy Tuck Results:

You will have to avoid any kind of strenuous activity for at least 6 weeks. But you can attend to your work routine after 10 to 15 days if everything goes smoothly.

Nevertheless, we will always recommend you to consult with your doctor no matter how small the matter is. It is always best to keep your healthcare provider up to date with your condition. Let’s get back to the point now!

1.    Exercise:

When it comes to exercising, your surgeon will allow you to go for a mild walk after the procedure. So it is wise to prepare yourself to go for a mild walk daily for about 20 to 30 minutes depending upon your condition.

It will help in boosting your recovery process because it helps in blood circulation. What’s even better? It also helps you in achieving and then maintaining your ideal weight. Or else, your results can get compromised if you start gaining weight after the procedure.

2.    Stay Positive:

Keeping a positive attitude also goes a long way. Stress and anxiety create inflammation in the body so it is definitely not ideal for the recovery process.

On the flip side, relaxing and staying positive will speed up your recovery. It will also improve your sleeping quality giving you more time to heal. You will need eight or more hours of peaceful undisturbed sleep.

Also, don’t rush your healing process. Being impatient can also trigger stress or anxiety. You can witness some results immediately but it can take up to 6 months to see the outcome.

3.    Healthy Diet:

After any surgery, you need to get your strength back.  For that purpose, stock up your pantry with fresh green vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Prepare healthy snacks and lead a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, pay heed to the following;

  • Avoid soft drinks at all costs
  • Increase intake of protein
  • Avoid too much sugar and processed products
  • Increase intake of complex carbohydrates (found in legumes, whole grains, oats, etc.)
  • Avoid fats and junk foods
  • Avoid foods that have a high sodium content
  • Yogurt, soups, and broths are recommended for intake in the initial days after the surgery
  • Alcohol and caffeine intake should be avoided at all cost

And to sum it all up, just practice moderation even if you cheat on your diet somedays.

 4.    Compression Garments:

During the initial days, it is normal to experience swelling around the incision area. You will have to experience it for some weeks after the surgery. Therefore, your doctor will recommend you to wear girdle or compression garments.

It will help in reducing the swelling and keeping everything in its place. How long will you have to keep wearing it? Well, your doctor will tell you that exactly, depending upon your condition and recovery speed. On average, the patient has to keep wearing it for 3 months. It helps the body in achieving that best version while recovering.

5.    Hydration Is Crucial:

Make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle. You must also take a lot of fluids to help you recover faster. Water makes the skin look fresh and also helps in its elasticity which is essential for recovery. It will also help in flushing out toxins from your body and cleansing them.

6.    Consider Your Doctor’s Instructions:

It is extremely important that you ask every little detail like what normal day activities you can perform such as;

  • How long to avoid sun exposure on the incisions?
  • When to drive post-surgery?
  • Which foods to avoid?
  • What about climbing stairs? etc.

Your doctor will probably prescribe some medications that will help you in easing the pain. Be sure to follow his instructions as the follow-ups play a crucial role in a successful recovery.

Almost all doctors prescribe a laxative after any surgery. It helps remove any sort of discomfort or pressure in the abdomen area. You also need to adhere to any sort of exhausting task.

Never neglect the post-op instructions of your doctor. If you do so, it will only lengthen your recovery process.

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