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5 Facts About Hanging Belly After Childbirth

5 Facts About Hanging Belly After Childbirth

Pregnancy is the turning point in one’s life. Your body goes through so many changes to host life inside it. Some are overcome soon after the delivery; some take time, while some last forever.

A mother has to deal with weight gain, postpartum depression, sleepless nights, and many other issues after childbirth. With weight gain, comes a hanging belly that can be a reason to worry for many females. Let’s get to know 5 facts about postpartum hanging belly here;

1.     Other Names Of Hanging Belly:

 No doubt you will get a little angel but there will be some changes in your body such as that hanging belly. It refers to the subcutaneous fat located on the abdomen that drapes over the waistline. It is also commonly referred to as

  • Apron belly
  • hanging belly Or,
  • Mommy overhang

Wondering why it happens? Let’s get to know its causes here;

2.     Causes Of Hanging Belly:

Here are some of the causes of hanging bellies after childbirth

  • Enlargement Of Uterus: The uterus needs space to accommodate the growing baby, so it will enlarge and cause stretching of abdominal muscles. It will make the skin loose which will, later on, result in a hanging belly.
  • Abdominal Stretching: Excessive stretching of abdominal skin also cause a hanging belly. Actually, elastin fibers are responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin. But during the entire pregnancy period, they get damaged resulting in an apron belly.
  • Fat Accumulation: Another most common cause of hanging belly is the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region. Weight loss is possible but this may take some time and effort.

3.     Here’s How To Rid Of Postpartum Hanging Belly:

In order to lose those stubborn fat cells, you need to burn calories, the solution to this problem is as simple as that. Consider your belly a balloon that was inflating while the baby was developing.

Now after childbirth, the balloon just doesn’t pop, in fact, it starts a slow leak. So there are chances of your belly size decreasing.

 However, we have pinned down some other authentic tips that will speed up this process for those who are anxious to get back in shape.

·       Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding is important for both the mother and the child. It will help you in losing weight faster and tightening your skin after pregnancy. In fact, the production of milk takes place with the help of a large portion of calories. So, the body will not store abundant fat deposits.

What’s more? For ongoing milk production, your body can make use of the existing fat deposits. So, mothers need not worry if they don’t have any time to spare. They can lose gained weight just by doing what comes naturally.

·       Diet Control:

Notably, consuming a healthy diet is the solution to many problems. Your diet must include the following foods;

  • Lean protein
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Whole grains.

·       Exercise:

In order to reduce gained weight, you will need to focus on toning stomach muscles and burning calories. You can always do light exercises if you are healthy and don’t have any other medical issues.

Always start gradually and build up your stamina first and then go for other extensive workout routines.

Looking for suggestions? Well, pelvic floor exercises are for all beginners who need to get back in shape. They will tone up your tummy muscles and will help in achieving a flat tummy.

·       Staying Hydrated:

As a matter of fact, maintaining skin elasticity is really important in tightening loose skin. And all of that depends on proper hydration.

It is common knowledge to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. That is the key to enjoy many health benefits in the future.

Noticeably, water not only makes your skin fresh but also improves skin elasticity. This will stop sagging skin and will make you look fresh and younger. What’s even better? There would also be fewer chances of having wrinkles.

In addition to that, drinking enough water will make you burn calories and also reduce water retention in your abdomen.

4.    Is Your Tummy Feeling Slack? Don’t Worry We’ve Got You Covered:

Pregnancy has left your tummy slack but you need not worry, at least half of the women experience this. There could be multiple reasons for this to happen. It is likely to occur if you have:

  • Given birth multiple times
  • Have twins or more
  • Caesarian birth more than once
  • Strained abdominal muscles by heavy lifting, chronic coughing, or vomiting

5. Diastasis recti

In addition to that, you should also keep an eye out for any serious medical condition that could be associated with a hanging belly after childbirth. One of which is DR.

Diastasis recti are the medical term and in this condition, you experience a huge bulge above and below your belly button.

Let’s get into it here.

A stomach has four layers of muscles running across it.

The top one is of long flat muscles that are running vertically on each side of the abdomen. They are known as the six-pack.

When two halves pull away from each other, the connective tissue between them stretches and starts thinning, this causes diastasis recti (DR).

Summing It Up:

You need to consult your doctor first to rule out the possibility of DR. If left untreated, it may cause bad back which will make exercising really difficult.

Other than that, a hanging belly can be brought back into shape. You just need to be optimistic and dedicated.

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